Where it all began....Without Razor where would the sport be today!

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All About Razor Scooters - History to the Present Including Tricks

Updated on August 20, 2010

How did the Razor Scooter come to be?

According to an article published in About.com, the Razor Scooter took 5 years to design under Gino Tsai, the then 44 year-old Taiwanese president of J.D. Corporation. Gino Tsai, a mechanical engineer claims that his legs were too short, and his walking speed always seemed too slow to get around his large bicycle factory in Chang Hua, Taiwan. To serve that purpose, Gino Tsai updated the old-fashioned scooter into the modern Razor scooter.

Nowadays, RazorUSA is run by California entrepreneur, Carlton Calvin, who started his career as an attorney. Moving on from his life as a lawyer, Calton started a children's publishing company called Small Minds Press, which he morphed into a toy and novelty company that capitalized on the POG craze in the mid 1990s. Small Minds made acrylic slammers with real scorpions in them. As the POG phenomenon died down, Carlton turned his slammmer factory into a key chain producer that manufactured all kinds of key chains with real insects for boys and flower petals for girls.

Soon thereafter, another toy craze gained traction with the development ofTechDeck Fingerboards. Sensing an opportunity, Carlton began making his own brand of Fingerboards which ultimately led him to distribute the first wave of Razor Scooters which hit California's shores like an Asian tsunami after becoming hot in Japan in the late 1990s.

Small Minds aggressively distributed the Razor Scooters and dominated market share throughout the US. So effective were Carlton's efforts, that Gino formed a joint stock corporation with Calrton and Razor USA was born. Realizing the huge potential of the Razor brand, Carlton cut an exclusive deal with Gino to market the Razor brand world-wide.

Why Are Razor Scooters So Cool?

The Razor uses airplane grade aluminum tested to support 1,100 pounds without bending, (often neon colored) polyurethane wheels with silent bearings, and a patented brake worked by stepping on the rear fender.

Razor's gel like polyurethane wheels come in all kinds of colors like red, blue, green, purple and at one time orange. The Razor Pro Model Scooter is a high impact unit that has quickly evolving into a stunt riding machine that is quickly becoming a sport with international appeal. Take for example this video of Pro riders in Australia. Intense!

Not just scooters anymore...

RazorUSA doesn't just make scooters - the company has now branched out into all kinds of products, like the RipStik, the PowerWing, Pocket Mod Electric Scooters, Electric Dirt Bikes, Pocket Bikes, not to mention all of the accessories like Helmets, Ramps, Wheels, etc. etc. It's pretty amazing when you think about it...

As you discover which ride suits your needs, remember: always ride safe!

Original Pro Model Razor Scooter

Pro Model Razor Scooter Designed By Team Razor