What Is A Pro Scooter?

Posted by Average Joes Ride Shop on 17th May 2014

A pro scooter is simply a scooter that is fixed. Meaning it does not fold or adjust in height. Most kids first scooter is not a pro scooter.  They Start of on a Razor scooter that looks along the lines of...


A Pro Scooter has metal core wheels which you need if your going to jump or be riding at skate parks. Some entry level pro scooters do come with plastic core wheels which is fine for little kids like 6 and under if they are just riding around. Pro Scooters have one piece bars and don't adjust in height. They have to be cut in height and width to the riders preferences. Average Joes Ride Shop only sells Pro Scooters. Some of the brands we carry of the pro scooters are: MGP, Phoenix, Envy, Fasen, Grit, Lucky, District, Sacrifice. This is a pic of Pro Scooters from our Floor at our Scottsdale, AZ. Location.