Scooter riding styles

Posted by T.J. Bartley on 4th Nov 2015


The way that Kick scooters are constructed, they can use almost any structure that skateboards or Freestyle BMX bikes use. This includes rails, boxes even vertical ramps that you would usually find in a skate park. Riders like riding 'flyout' to perfect new tricks. Riders then take these new learns to different obstacles throughout the skate parks such as quarters, spines, boxes and stairs. Some scooter riders are known for having more of a park style. Dakota "Kota" Schuetz is a three Time World Champion and one of the most well-known riders in the sport. Some other of the most talented park riders are Ryan Williams, Max Peters, Derek Seay, Dylan Morrison and Jordon Clark. Many advanced tricks usually performed in a park setting include briflips, kickless rewinds, and flips. Anyone who rides stunt scooters doesn't only ride street or park, but most riders find park riding more enjoyable than street riding.


Local street riders use structures such as stairs, ledges, handrails, speed bumps and canals to ride on. Some street riders tend to get more difficult with tricks, meanwhile others focus on grinding down large stair sets and handrails. Some of the most know pros who ride street are Josh Young, Chema Cardenas, Jack Dona, Issac Miller, Elliott Arnold, Alex Steadman and many others. Streets riders can ride just about anywhere because they are good at using abstract obstacles for their tricks. Street riders mostly focus on the details and cleanliness of their tricks, not how high they can fly or flip! Street riders also focus on their style or original way of doing tricks. People still love riding skate parks for fun with their friends, but many scooter riders ride street when they want to film a video part for their next edit.


Another style of freestyle scooter riding is 'flatland' this form of riding takes place on flat surfaces such as driveways parking lots, or any smooth concrete surface. Most flatland riders like to group tricks up in "combos", or combinations, such as bar spins, tail whips, manuals, hang fives, fakies, sliders, flips and more.


Dirt Scootering is another form of riding that is becoming very trendy. Many scooter companies have jumped on board releasing a dirt/all-terrain scooter with pneumatic tires. These scooters are built for durability and run tires with a high PSI to handle their extreme tricks. Most advanced dirt scooter riders can ride right alongside of some of the best freestyle BMX riders on dirt jumps.